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Winning with Shopper Media

Winning with Shopper Media

In today’s ecosystem of commerce, traditional shopper marketing is no longer enough. There is no longer one clear path, and shopping is not a deliberate, compartmentalized act. Shopping is spontaneous, deconstructed and integrated into the flow of everyday life. The new urgent reality for brands and retailers is how to capitalize on shoppers’ and consumers’…

TPN Shopper Safari: Back-to-School

In the latest TPN Shopper Safari Trek Report, TPN highlights four key themes for the Back-to-School 2017 Shopping Season. TPN Shopper Safari: 2017 Back-to-School Recap from TPN Retail TPN’s Shopper Safari encourages immersion in retail and commerce by leveraging our employee network. This effort helps foster continuous analysis and conversation of the retail landscape.


Back-to-School Shoppers Plan to Purchase As the new school year kicks into high gear for most of the country, parents and students will find a changing shopping landscape. No longer are they racing to retail stores without a plan for braving the crowd days before the school year starts. Digitally-driven brick and mortar purchases are…