To TJ Maxx, with love:
To those who know me, this love letter to the retailer TJ Maxx will come as no surprise. I have been a loyal shopper of TJ Maxx & Marshall’s (TJX) since I was 16. No need to belabor exactly how many years that means I’ve loved The Maxx — let’s just focus on why.
What TJ Maxx meant to me as a teen with babysitting money to burn was a place I could count on to get something special, different from my friends, that didn’t cost a fortune.
Today, TJ Maxx provides me something between retail blood sport (you have to compete to walk out with the treasure of a Stella McCartney!) and what our industry calls retail-tainment. Walking into a TJ Maxx is recreation and, frequently, reward.
As CEO Carol Meyrowitz points out, TJ Maxx shopper demos run the income gamut from $40K a year to several millions; we are the 100%. Under the TJ Maxx roof, we are ONE – united by our love of fashion, brands and, perhaps principally, value.
As a retail marketer, I admire TJX for continuing to meet shopper demands year after year. (Sales were down only once in the last 34 years — 1995.) And not with seconds or last season’s merchandise. According to Meyrowitz, 85% of what TJ Maxx stores sell is from the same season and year it was designed for, and less than 5% is irregular.
TJX is winning on retail basics: Maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships with their suppliers; an on-going understanding of shopper needs; and rewarding loyalists with a unique TJX shopping experience.
So I applaud my old friend TJX for its continued success. You’ve never disappointed this discount diva when she walks through the door of your store. Thanks!