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Is This the Year of the Beacon?

Is This the Year of the Beacon?

It’s a new year. 2016. All the shopping, all the traveling, all the holiday meals, all the relatives, all the returns, and of course, all the Star Wars. Done. We made it. So let’s look at the year ahead of us. What’s in store for retail technology in 2016? That’s a pretty broad question and…

Facebook To Launch Game Changing Video Option

Facebook has been beta testing an autoplay video feature for users’ Newsfeed recently. If adopted, this could create a whole new ad platform for marketers, creating virtual commercials that would run side by side with your friends’ daily updates and pictures of funny cats. Adweek continues: Facebook is tip-toeing into a potentially disruptive new digital…

Is Big Data Producing Better Insights?

As we find ourselves in the era of Big Data, are we getting better insights? CEO of retail-marketing agency, TPN, Sharon Love, explores the expanding role of big data in developing insights and the blurring of the basic definition of what makes an insight, an insight in her latest Hub Magazine write-up: