7-Eleven Launches Innovative Category Management System

Yesterday, 7-Eleven and IRI (Information Resources, Inc. — the global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer and retailer companies) announced the launch of 7-Eleven’s new Next Generation™ solution, allowing 7-Eleven “faster access and more granular insight” to what 7-Eleven consumers are buying.

As pointed out in the recent press release from IRI:

This new solution will help ensure 7-Eleven and subscribing manufacturer partners work from a “single version of the truth” for such things as identical basket-level transaction data, promotion optimization, trip-mission segments, store segmentation, same store and time-of-day information. This approach will facilitate collaboration and accelerate return on investment for joint activities.

7-Eleven is the first convenience retailer to share basket-level transaction data with its partners through this program. By sharing insights, the retailer and manufacturers will be able to drill down to more detail about the 7 million shoppers coming through its doors and be able to create custom programs based on the data.

I’m looking forward to watching 7-Eleven as they continue to innovate and lead the industry in finding new, unique ways to reach, engage and truly build a dialog with their consumers and shoppers.

Happy Birthday, #GreatClient 7-Eleven

If you happened to search for “brain freeze relief” last week, you probably weren’t alone.

7-Eleven celebrated their 85th birthday on 7/11 with free Slurpees for all (in a 7.11 oz cup, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.). While they haven’t released total numbers yet, they had 7 million cups on hand. And a quick glance through social media shows that many locations ran out well before 7 p.m. 
As a longtime client of TPN and a brand we love as shoppers and customers, we are proud to celebrate this milestone with7-Eleven. 85 years for any business is impressive — especially one in an industry as competitive and noisy as convenience stores. But they’ve stayed relevant by keeping apace with their core shopper — always making sure the brand is serving the needs and, importantly for 7-Eleven, the desires of their shoppers. And the free Slurpees certainly don’t hurt … unless you drink them too fast. Just stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth for a few seconds and you’ll be fine.
Here’s to the next 85 years! Happy Birthday, 7-Eleven, and thanks.