Hotwire’s Handle on FOMO

Missing out on something awesome is a total bummer. It leaves you feeling hopeless, disappointed, discouraged. It’s the sort of sorrow that drains you until you reach a point where you confront yourself and say, “Never. Ever. Again.”

The people at Hotwire know this pain. And they know exactly how to use it.

But that’s not a bad thing…

Hotwire loyalists love the rush of adventure and journey into the unknown. If you’ve never booked a hotel on the travel site, it comes with a catchy quirk — all hotels are booked blindly — you don’t know where you’ll be staying until after you pay—but the mystery doesn’t stop there. 

Those in the loop to receive Hotwire emails receive regular Mystery Deals throughout the week. Even if the recipient isn’t looking to travel, the email still triggers curiosity — a tactic that could inspire spontaneity, or simply keep Hotwire top of mind. In other emails, urgency comes into play, as many of Hotwire’s Hot Rates live under a running clock. When time’s up, the deal goes down and customers miss out on what could have been.

Often times customers land spectacular stays at a great savings. Millions love it.

So whether it’s a mystery offer or ticking timer, Hotwire makes FOMO a fun thing with a stroke of suspense, drama and gamification.

It’s a smart play that their passionate customers not only seek, but appreciate, too.

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