Highlights from Cannes 2017: Consuming vs. Doing

There’s no question that technology has fundamentally changed our lives—constant connectivity is a reality. But what level of connectivity is the healthiest? And how do we actually make consumers lives better verses creating addictive behaviors? This question entered my mind several times over the past few days at Cannes and particularly in listening to talks by Pinterest President, Tim Kendall and Senior Global Brand Director of Social Mecca and Video at Lego, Lars Silberbauer. Here are a few highlights below:

Are you living your life—or your selfie’s?
Tim Kendall (President, Pinterest) stressed that current technology trends are driving consumers to spend time behind smart screens verses beyond them. The average person spends 3 hours a day on their smart phone and the numbers are scarily rising. The Internet promise of connectivity is actually creating a world of isolation. And, current social platform KPIs focus on impressions and time spent on-screen verses igniting real life experiences.

As marketers, how can we create content that inspires consumers to stop tapping and start doing? Or, maybe not stop tapping…. just lessen it a bit to make sure consumers connect offline as well.

Using social media to ignite real play
Lars Silberbauer (Senior Global Brand Director of Social Mecca and Video, Lego) explained how he brought this iconic 85-year-old brand into the world of social media. Lego’s vision was to bring creativity and building together.

Using a delicate mix of digital tactics to inspire kids to play in the offline world, Lego gained a social following of over 1 million in just 3 weeks. The company focused positioning Lego as a play-starter with the hope of capturing new authentic Lego creations around the world. This effort led to an incredible set of Lego-user generated content and product innovations that continue to make the brand more modern and relevant.

As marketers (and good humans), we have an opportunity to develop content that helps our target consumers and shoppers to make, to do and to live in the real world. And that’s even more important now that we’re working almost exclusively in the world of digital.

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