Big Changes in Ecomm

This morning, Walmart announced a $3.3 billion dollar deal to acquire—the highest price ever paid for an eCommerce company. has quickly become known for “Gamifying Shopping” with its pricing algorithm based on encouraging higher average order value baskets, while producing savings for their customers. However, currently less than 1/3rd of’s orders are fulfilled from’s warehouses. With Walmart and teaming up, Walmart is able to leverage’s pricing algorithm while will leverage Walmart’s wide fulfillment network. 

With this deal, Walmart discussed its intention to keep as its own entity, but it is needless to say that there is going to be plenty of opportunity for data sharing across both unique companies. Strategically, Walmart keeping separate from gives Walmart the advantage of using as its innovation center and pushing successes to 

With this deal, Walmart is clearly positioning itself to give Amazon a run for its (well, your) money in the eComm space.

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Rami Odeh

As TPN’s digital commerce director and resident Amazon expert, Rami Odeh, partners with the agency's brand and retailer clients to create optimized digital and eCommerce solutions. While Rami has a wealth of experience across the digital commerce universe, he specializes in developing strategic and optimized plans for brands to activate at

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