Jamba Juice Joins The Digital Wallet Party

Looks like we have another retailer joining in letting customers pay with their digital wallet — Jamba Juice. The smoothie retailer is now allowing customers to purchase with Android Pay, making things every faster and more convenient for thirsty consumers. The system also sends promotions and tracks gift cards. What’s particularly smart about Jamba Juice’s activation is that the retailer isn’t just using mobile wallet to collect payment, but also as a conduit for implementing a loyalty program and gathering customer data. So, in addition to making the buy happen, there’s an opportunity to continue to engage the shopper again and again.

A More Digital Grocery Shopping Experience

When it comes to buying groceries, consumers need and want specific experiences. They are always looking for ways to make their shopping easier and more convenient, but it can be difficult to find the right foods and ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For the 15 million Americans with food allergies, or those clean-eaters who choose gluten-free, vegan or paleo, a trip to the grocery store can be a time-consuming and/or pricey experience.

Ingredient1, the app for “people who love food,” can make the process easier. The app catalogs every food product and analyzes nutritional info for you. Ingredient1 users can find new and trending products based on ingredients, allergens, nutrition, and taste profile. Each user creates a food ID by listing favorite ingredients, and these profiles can be modified at any time.

Ingredient1 allows users to save time in the grocery store, without compromising their health or healthy lifestyle… like a shopping list on steroids. Customers can make more informed decisions, discover new products, and stock up on favorites.

Brands and retailers must become part of the process in order to influence and engage along this new customer journey.

Be Persuasive

When everyone around you is saying the same thing, it can be contagious. Certain phrases become quickly habitual. The agency world is no stranger to this. We often use jargon and made up words as if they are our first language, assuming everyone is in the know and with no apology for slaughtering our real first language.

While I firmly believe change and evolution is good, I often want to erase these new, unnecessary and sometimes nonsense phrases that creep into our conversations, but yet have so little meaning. Often, I don’t think the user fully knows the meaning of what they are saying.

Language is an art and while I do not expect everyone to be artists, there’s a clarity and eloquence missing from the way we communicate today. More importantly, I wonder if these catch phrases or verbal crutches (“um”, “like”, “right?”) are impacting the intention of the speaker? They can distract a listener or even annoy them to the extent the message becomes ineffective. When you’re in the business of communication and persuasion as I am, you can’t afford for your communications to lack impact or worse, meaning. Let’s be precise and thoughtful with what we say and how we say it. It matters.