Living, Working & Playing Better With Technology

It is a simple and known truth. Technology and our ever-connected world are hurling us into busier, more hectic, and more time-constrained lives. The very gadgets that serve to improve our lifestyles may be also preventing us from stopping to smell the roses.

Last Friday, PSFK invited creative professionals for a whole day seminar to inspire everyone to live, work, and play better with tech. Jam-packed with speakers; the day had the audience on their toes with rapid fire sharing of activities, projects, and ideas through short and succinct 5-10 minute sessions. All the sessions had a common thread. How do we take the run-away train of technology and use it to our advantage? Below are some examples of tech distracting us as well as improving our lifestyles.

  • Boredom is a thing of the past. These days, when we have a free moment, whether it be waiting in an aisle or even sitting in a park, we immediately fill our free time with our mobile phones instead of letting our minds wander. Letting our minds wander is a good thing however; it triggers our brains to feel relaxed, helping us connect information in new ways to lead to “light bulb” moments.
  • Wearable technology is not limited to the wrist. In the future, everything we wear will be embedded with tech. Our jewelry. Our glasses. Our shoes. Even our clothes will be made of fabric that will be able to charge our phones.
  • With Internet of Things or the idea that all our “things” will be connected through the Internet, we will be able to get data streams on everything and anything. In the future, the biggest areas for data streams will be for our bodies’ fitness and health, our homes, and our vehicles.

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