Daily Deal Sites: Bargain Hunting Gets Targeted

There’s no one who loves the thrill of hunting down a good bargain more than me. And that’s why I love all the daily deal sites that I subscribe to. My heart flutters when I see my Gilt.com alert pop up or when I get an email from myhabit.com notifying me of the brand they will be featuring the next day.

Every once in a while I’ll experience that rush of finding something that is just perfect, but more often than not, I’ll peruse the site and quickly close out when nothing jumps out at me. Sure, deeply discounted items, in limited quantities, featured for a short period of time are enough to keep me curious, but they aren’t always fitting of my needs and interests. This got me wondering how my bargain hunting would change if the daily deal sites were more targeted.

One of the original daily deal sites is testing this theory…

Before the end of 2015, Groupon will start leveraging beacons that will allow their featured merchants to upload deals in real time, launching targeted promotions based on shoppers’ proximity to brick-and-mortar locations. They will even be able to tailor deals by time-of-day based on shoppers’ past purchase histories.

Groupon is pushing the boundaries of being simply a daily deal site to being there for their shoppers at the most relevant times. Not only will beacon technology become more and more relevant in offering shoppers the most relevant deals, but we will also see more niche daily deal sites emerge to target shoppers with specific passions and lifestyles. While they may not be reaching a broad target, they aim to be hyper-relevant to those who will spend the most money with them.

We’re already starting to see niche daily deal sites experiencing success with their targets. Here are some examples:

VetFriends.com offers a “Deal of the Day” on military products (think veteran shirts, hats, etc.) and they don’t charge veterans tax or shipping.

  • JDeal.com is designed for the Jewish community, offering deals on kosher food, restaurants, and donations to Jewish charities.
  • Doggyloot.com features deals for dogs and those that love them like toys, food, treats, and equipment.
  • ManDeals.com is currently geared towards males who live near Seattle but may roll out in other metropolitan areas across the country. They offer daily deals on “guy” things like sporting events and burger restaurants.
  • SteepandCheap.com is for outdoor enthusiasts and features daily bargains on things like hiking equipment and activewear.

So, to all my fellow daily deal site enthusiasts, your days of having to click through pages and pages of bargains to find that one great thing are numbered. Not only are you able to seek daily deal sites that are super relevant to any hobby or interest you may have, but soon these daily deal sites will be able to locate you, serving up tailored deals with little to no work on your part! Bargain shopping will be even easier than before, so happy shopping daily deal seekers!