Shopping just got easier.

As I scroll through the many Greek yogurt options on Walmart’s snazzy new online grocery list,, adding several quickly to my cart, I realize this is a jackpot. And, its free. I hear other retailers like Peapod, Stop & Shop and Giant offer similar services at a cost. Looks like I just found another reason to shop at Walmart!

For now, Walmart’s new online ordering and drive-thru pick-up is (for now) is only being tested where I am, in the retail giant’s hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. The whole process is based on the French company Chrono Drive, which pioneered the model Walmart is using for its grocery drive-through and pick-up program. After several visits and tours of Chrono Drive locations in France, Walmart’s executives brought the idea to Bentonville. It has been a huge hit with everyone in town.

Walmart’s online ordering and drive-thru pick-up (formally called Walmart Pickup-Grocery) has been one of the most exciting and talked-about launches for our local community. Social media is abuzz, and everyone is trying it.

My husband and I both work, and between after-school activities and social commitments, grocery shopping barely fits into our “to-do” list whenever we can spare the time. But now, this new service allows my husband and I to create a grocery list online, where we both add items to the list, which will save us a ton of time. The entire process is so incredibly simple to use. I can populate my list during a break while still at work. Then I just choose a pick-up time. Either of us can easily drive through the pick-up store—which resembles a large gas station—then enter our phone number on the touchscreen kiosk at one of the parking bays. In minutes, our groceries are brought straight to the car and loaded without us having to park, navigate a cart through a busy Supercenter or stand in line at checkout!

Eureka, not sure this could be any simpler or make my grocery shopping experience any easier! The concept is now in testing in Bentonville, Arkansas and if successful you can count on seeing a new location pop up near you!

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