No Strings Attached

As the digital age advances, people are becoming increasingly more independent and self-sufficient. Social networking sites and interactive apps are creating unprecedented accessibility to resources and knowledge that have empowered consumers to ask more of brands and question their loyalty. With so many options out there, consumers are feeling less of a need to commit to just one brand, or to even make a commitment at all.

Some companies, such as T-mobile, have recently taken an aggressive approach to this trend, telling consumers to “break up with your carrier” and switch to no-contract wireless plans. Ride-sharing companies like Uber and ZipCar are on the rise, making it convenient for people to only use cars as needed, as opposed to buying or leasing. Even trends in listing personal items for resale, or even the option to rent, are showing growth in the form of websites and apps.

RentTheRunway is an e-commerce site that was created under a comparable mindset, solving for both consumers who have champagne taste, but not the budget, or those who are in a bind and quickly need an outfit for an event, never to be worn again.

This idea of being able to indulge in designer fashions and accessories, without permanently investing in the retail price, has become increasingly appealing for many young Americans.

While this is an understandable trend in consumable goods, this non-committal tendency seems to have successfully seeped into our personal lives as well. Some people have started entering marriage with the negative impression of “well, if it doesn’t work out, I can always get divorced.”

People are more publicly being caught cheating on their spouses, and others are beginning to question if this is happening because we have more “access” to each other, or because we are simply decreasing our loyalty due to an increasing desire to maximize our options?  Could we really thrive in a society with the mentality of “no strings attached,” or will the primitive mindset lead to our eventual demise? Only time will tell…

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