Branding Ourselves…Literally

We have all entertained the idea of doing something that had been deemed “forbidden” under the judging eyes of society. Maybe it was the second you turned 18, because you felt empowered by the fact that you were now legally an adult. Now in your late 20s, mid 30s and 40s, as a thriving professional with a salaried job and growing 401k, have the times changed enough that toying with the idea of getting your first tattoo isn’t ludicrous?

What if you didn’t have the urge to get inked in your glory days? After all, your mom had always warned you against permanently branding your body by instilling the fear in you that it would limit your future and keep you from getting a “real” job.

Athletes, for instance, are able to shamelessly flaunt their tattoos and are often praised and well-respected for what they represent, so why should people with more conservative jobs be held to “higher,” and arguably more condemnatory standards?

Despite any possible lingering stigma of baring tattoos in the corporate world, it appears that an increasing number of people are looking to tattoos as a form of artistic expression drawing from personal experiences in their lives, as opposed to simply getting stamped with a design of the times.

Brands could learn a lot from this way of thinking by putting a similar amount of thought into what your brand says to the world. Say it loud and show it proud. Similar to tattoos, people may or may not easily interpret the meaning and reasoning behind them; but they serve as a great conversation starter. Just like a tattoo does for an individual’s “Brand,” a marketer’s Brand image and voice can provide us with insight as to what they’re all about, what they value and ultimately have to offer.

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