Digiday Retail Summit: The “TLDR Version”

My recent attendance to this year’s Digiday Conference inspired me to make this post more suitable for the folks that like their articles small and bite sized (like a KIT KAT mini).

The Retail Summit was unlike any conference I’ve participated in. It was designed for the new generation of attendees who invented the term TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read).

Each sessions was brief, but to the point. 15- 2o Minutes max. Forcing presenters to focus only on the key points vs. having to “fill-up” a 30 or 40 minute slot. The sessions were interactive and fun. My favorite part was the faux game show where randomly selected panelists from the audience were given questions to answer about the previous day presentations re-engaged the audience’s recall of the key take-aways from the event.

Key Learnings from the summit:

  • Mobile will continue to play a key role in helping bridge the e-tailing + in-store experiences.
  • Consumer expectations of better in-store experiences are derived from their online experiences.
  • Retailers must focus in areas that Amazon can’t compete (for now): local stores + number of retail locations.
  • Big Data is way too big to manage. Data needs to be parsed into “Smart” data in order for it to be useful.
  • Innovations with in-store technology will provide new shopping behavior insights, much like what Google Analytics brought to the web.
  • Showrooming behavior is the new normal. Retailers + brands that don’t embrace it will not succeed in the future.


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Jason Geyer

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