The Retail Update: New York City

I’m not a native New Yorker nor have I been living in this city for a very long time.  I still gawk at tall buildings and think “street-cart hot dogs” are an acceptable snack.  As a marketer, I also get excited every time I stumble upon a staged PR or experiental marketing experience.  But as a shopper marketer, it’s the numerous retail flagships, pop-up stores, and cutting edge boutiques that NYC attracts that make this a fascinating place to live and work.  This past weekend, while walking around near the Flat Iron district, I stumbled upon two shops that caught my attention.  Check out the photos and summary below.

The Nomad: Wondering Fashion Boutique (  Mobile retail, but in the physical, not digital sense.  While the idea of “mobile commerce” isn’t new, this example was done very well.  Much like the food truck movement, The Nomad relied heavily on social media to update followers with schedules and location details (follow @thenomadtruck).  I also can’t help but point out that the other kind of “mobile commerce” has enabled the growth of this type of retail model.  Mobile commerce apps such as Square have made it easier for pop-up stores to get economic scale by moving beyond “cash only” transactions.

Divine Details: A shop for the [extra]ordinary (  I found this space really interesting.  Billed as part art gallery, part pop-up store, Divine Details celebrated the art of design with functional, minimalistic products for the everyday (think MoMa Design Store  This was also every copy-writers dream with each item displayed accompanied by an eloquent back-story that would make J. Peterman proud.  Every item was also available for sale-just flag one of the associates walking through the gallery with tablets to order.  In the photos below you will also notice the lone “branded” product-a cup of Chobani yogurt.  This gallery was sponsored in part by Chobani.  An interesting tie-in by the Chobani brand, who clearly wants to be viewed as a design focused company.

Seen something cool in the retail world in NYC or elsewhere?  Leave a tip in the comments section and let us know.


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