Facebook To Launch Game Changing Video Option

Facebook has been beta testing an autoplay video feature for users’ Newsfeed recently. If adopted, this could create a whole new ad platform for marketers, creating virtual commercials that would run side by side with your friends’ daily updates and pictures of funny cats. Adweek continues:

Facebook is tip-toeing into a potentially disruptive new digital advertising medium. If users accept autoplay video—not just for friends’ pet videos but for the likes of Pepsi and Crest spots—then marketers get a prime-time ad placement in what COO Sheryl Sandberg calls Super Bowl-sized audiences, daily. “Any time there is a new ad product on a platform the size of Facebook you would be shortsighted not to want to lean in.

Facebook will have no problem selling these ads,” said Alexandra Shapiro, head of digital and marketing at USA Network, where she handles social campaigns for syndicated shows like Modern Family.
In fact, some advertisers have been frustrated with Facebook’s video delays, as big movie and auto brands had hoped to employ them as part of key launches this fall.

Privacy issues abound, as do questions over what kind of control users will have once they opt-in to receiving this new feature. Read the full scoop at Adweek.

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