Black November: What Are Shoppers Really Feeling & Doing?

Media are invited to register for the retail industry’s first-ever TPN Live Shopper Pulse™, an online dashboard created by dynamic retail marketing agency TPN to monitor real-time consumer sentiment and behaviors during the new Black Friday shopping frontier, which now begins Thanksgiving night.

“TPN designed this retail anthropology study to gain unprecedented access into shoppers’ minds and modes when they are ‘in-the-moment’,” said Sharon Love, TPN’s chief executive officer. “We want to understand what is in the shoppers’ psyches while they are engaged in the sport of holiday shopping, and what spending or social behaviors they exhibit during THE major shopping event of 2013.”

The TPN Live Shopper Pulse aims to measure the pulse of approximately 2,000 “out-and-about” shoppers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Miami, capturing the heartbeat of this vital shopping period. Located outside big box stores such as Walmart, Macy’s, Target and Best Buy, pollsters will ask shoppers questions, which will immediately upload to the online dashboard, in five key areas:

PPlanning or spending?  Are shoppers planning to spend more or less this holiday season? Are they prepared with a list of items and the people they’ll buy for?        

UUsing technology or turned-off?  Have shoppers downloaded mobile apps, powered up their device and checked it twice? Once in-store, did their mobile device help or hurt their shopping plans today?

LLooking or buyingAre shoppers braving the crowds simply to browse, or are they on a mission to buy? What are the most popular retail destinations around the country?

SSentiment in the moment?  Are shoppers excited, stressed, or feeling guilty for spending too much? Does this feeling change depending on when they are out? Are they shopping with friends or family as part of a tradition to combine holiday cheer – or is it considered a holiday chore?  

EExpectations being met?  Did Black Friday deals live up to shoppers’ expectations this year?  And did retailers stock what shoppers wanted at the prices they were hoping for?


TPN’s technology partner, GroundCntrl, is the real-time mobile and data analytics platform that powers TPN’s Live Shopper Pulse Dashboard.

Field teams will be positioned outside stores beginning Thanksgiving night at 6 p.m., through Black Friday. They will use a mobile app to survey shoppers around the country as they leave the stores.  This structured data is gathered in real-time, and aggregated into easy-to-understand charts that will be accessible via an online dashboard.


TPN is offering special access to the Live Shopper Pulse dashboard so reporters and editors can visit regularly and view how shoppers’ attitudes and behaviors evolve during these two critical shopping days.

To register, send an email request to Users will then receive an email with simple instructions on how to log in and access the live dashboards.


The real-time data will be complemented by analysis from TPN experts who will provide “in-the-moment” insights live on Twitter (@TPNRetail) and scheduled analysis every two hours via the TPN Love of Retail Blog (

To schedule interviews with TPN experts for holiday shopping predictions or to analyze Live Shopper Pulse data throughout Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday, please contact Laura Muma at 773.960.3960, or

Author: Jason Geyer

With 20 years of digital marketing, film development and web design experience, Texas-based webmaster and toy historian Jason Geyer oversees digital creative services for retail marketing agency TPN. A former toy designer, Jason has maintained a continuous online presence since 1994, chronicling the ongoing development of technology, gadgets, and digital innovations. Though not a Millennial, he thinks, speaks and lives in social media.

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