The Pinterest Black Friday Reveal

As we enter the initial push for the holidays (just as we’re coming down from our Halloween sugar high), retailers are getting shoppers geared up for Black Friday even earlier this year thanks to Pinterest. Home Improvement retailer Lowes is teasing its Black Friday deals in October on a dedicated Black Friday board with silhouettes of the items that’ll be on special (See here). You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to find out what they are either. Shoppers can visit the board on November 4 for their big reveal (though as of Oct 31, some of the items were already being revealed), which gives them over 3 weeks to plan their shopping trips without waiting on circulars or emails (Lowes begins its Black Friday online Thanksgiving morning at 4am). Lowes is quite active on Pinterest, particularly targeting its inspired, DYI female shopper, and has over 3.5 million followers. This approach is already garnering buzz among the shopping and Black Friday deal websites.

Macy’s is another retailer teasing its Black Friday Deals on Pinterest (See here). Though not as secretive as Lowe’s approach, it’s more of a sneak preview of fun sales to come.

For most shoppers, Black Friday is all about the hunt and scoring some amazing deals. Websites like and may not be mind blowing in terms of design, but they certainly garner traction with those shoppers wanting to be in the know about the sales as soon as possible. And as if there were any doubt, there is a Black Friday app, so cleverly called Black Friday App, that will let a user browse leaked and confirmed sales across major retailers as well as start a personal countdown clock to the big day. Yet with all this technology, retailers will still produce sales circulars because they know that for some shoppers, it’s not just about the sales and the hustle and bustle of the crowds, it’s about tradition. It’s about gathering around the circulars after an amazingly delicious Thanksgiving dinner to plan your route (or plan of attack) with your family/favorite shopper buddies to get the most out of your Black Friday.

So get ready–Black Friday is less than a month away!

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Author: Allison Emery

For Allison Emery, inspiration is designed in the details. This Carolina Girl is constantly inspired by what she experiences in life, in store and online, aesthetically and conceptually. Her penchant for finding creative nuggets guarantees she’s constantly brimming with fresh ideas and innovative marketing solutions. She strives to discover what inspires shoppers as they navigate the world of retail and what retailers/brands are doing to BE those sources of inspiration. As an Associate Creative Director at TPN, Allison brings her creative insights and inquisitive nature to all her projects, from brainstorming to designing and everything in between. Allison is also a wife, doggy momma, DIYer, yogi and runner.

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