Shopper Marketing and Baseball: The Gold Standard

Baseball fans know that a Perfect Game is every pitchers dream.  Only 23 major league pitchers have accomplished this feat.  There’s an equally elusive feat in the world of shopper marketing: Perfect Compliance.

Recently, our team was doing store walks with our client and stumbled upon a pallet we had designed.   The in-store execution didn’t match the intent of our rendered design. And when you’re standing with your clients, your first reaction is to ask “well who built this wrong!”

Our team quickly jumped into action and, while trying to rebuild our display, we had a bit of an “ah-ha” moment.  Without instructions and many more items on our to-do list, how would we have set this up?  The answer?  Probably not that differently…

gipper john display build

Every shopper marketer strives for 100% display compliance.  But the reality of retail is our designs may not execute the way we dreamed them up or even worse, they could not execute at all.

But, there are a couple things we can do as shopper marketers to improve our odds of pitching Perfect Compliance.

1) Spend more time in store.  There are few activities that are easier and more valuable than walking the store with your peers.  Even better, ask if you can accompany a field sales rep on a store call or ask if you chat with the store manager.  Ask how they go about building displays and executing POP materials and listen to the challenges they face.  The intel is invaluable.

2) Design for the least common denominator.  Don’t build for the biggest, grandest format.  Instead, start thinking about your design in terms of the most likely thing to be executed.  Make that element perfect, than build nice to haves on top of that.

3) Consider the 5 minute rule. If you were building this item in store and you only had five minutes before moving on to your next task would you 1) have the information and tools handy to build it correctly and 2) have enough time to complete the task?  Make sure your retail kit has all the instructions, hardware and even tools needed to complete the build.  After all, it’s cheaper to include a handful of extra clips and a screwdriver in the kit than to have your materials sit in a back room forever.

What other ideas or suggestions do you have for Perfect Compliance?  Leave your feedback in the comments section!

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