From the Westside: Fast Food…delivered?

Taking the corporate slogan “Have It Your Way” to extremes, a Burger King franchise in Glendale, CA, is now delivering food directly to consumers.

While similar delivery programs exist in Miami, Washington and Houston, this is the first franchise in the state of California to offer delivery. Taking cues from the pizza delivery model, the food is packed in a container that keeps food hot and, most importantly, prevents fries from getting soggy.

At this time, food can only be delivered within a 10 minute radius of the restaurant, but other locations plan to add delivery if this test is successful. Fast food delivery might be a novelty in the US but it’s popular in several countries – for example, in the Philippines, McDonald’s delivers 24 hours a day! Burger King is also eyeing other US cities for quick roll-out of delivery, including Chicago and San Francisco.

Delivery allows Burger King to differentiate themselves in a crowded fast food/QSR marketplace. While many restaurants and services deliver, Burger King is the first restaurant of its kind to offer this service. Additionally, the ease of delivery appeals to the coveted Male 18-34 demographic. While other restaurants are moving into niche areas, such as healthy eating, Burger King has opted for a broad menu offering with the ultimate in convenience.


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