Just browsing?… That will be $5 dollars.







If you’re looking for a good/fast way to lose your shopper…

Apparently, there is story in Australia that is attempting to charge store visitors each $5 for browsing. If the shopper doesn’t buy anything, the store claims they are owed a “just looking” fee.

While it would be nice to get an extra $5 for every look we get, reality is, shoppers are going to look. How else are they going to determine what they want to buy?

The Australian store claims that they are doing this because of the high-traffic browsers that are continually walking through their stores. Well, problem solved! Their new $5 solution could minimize any and ALL traffic.

Penalizing the shopper is never a good way to do business, adapting the shopping experience to changing shopper behaviors is a much better and more successful strategy.

While this isolated example is an extreme way of countering showrooming, its definitely not an isolated occurrence. Retailers everywhere know that showrooming is not going away.

Successful retailers will embrace show rooming and make it part of the overall shopping experience. Target, Best Buy and Walmart have added price checking and product scanning to their own apps rather than ban the use of mobile phones in theirs stores.

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