Seen @ CES

Last week many of the finest and brightest in media and technology met up in Las Vegas for the Customer Electronics Show. What cool gadget will become next year’s “have to have” gift? Odds are it debuted at CES.
As screens, sensors and other technologies are becoming part of the mainstream retail experience, we use CES as a chance to see this stuff up close and personal. Our team of digital experts scours the convention floor, looking for new tools and technology that could benefit our clients. Of course there’s the “shiny new toy” factor, but out of 20,000 new products on display, there are a few that really can be game-changers for retailers and shopper alike.
After 3 exhausting days, covering 1.86 million square feet, these are the top ten findings from the TPN Digital Team. Drumroll please…
1. User-centric focus on ease of use, more natural user interfaces (voice, gesture and biometric interaction with devices).
2. Cloud-based user profiles accessed for real-time analysis of consumer behaviors to create personalization of user experiences.
3. Devices automatically talk to each other, making connections easy and content sharing seamless.
4. Connected wearable tech goes mainstream, e.g., health and wellness devices are integrating with home automation + security systems.
5. Mobile positioned as the main lifestyle hub, command and control device.
6. Automotive manufacturers adopting open source strategy to jump-start app stores for on-board platforms. 
7. Smart TV’s continue getting smarter, bigger and thinner, with more resolution. Features enhanced to support multi-screener behaviors.
8. Home appliances are more connected and function on “auto-pilot.” The Internet of “things” continues  to grow.
9. Cloud-based “Grid” gaming platforms will be very disruptive to the console gaming industry.
10. The premise of the movie “Terminator” is becoming a reality. Drones and robots are everywhere.
Keep following the blog for a deeper dive on some of these and how they will influence our thinking in 2013 and beyond.