Retail Gives Back

I’m applauding Frederick Anderson and Laura Miller’s upcoming “Park Avenue Garage” — New York’s first Pop-up luxury garage sale. Some of New York’s most notable designers, fashion houses and individuals will be contributing a wide range of goods for the three-day consignment sale that will run from Thursday, December 13 through Saturday, December 15. Proceeds benefit the New Yorkers For Children charity.
 The organizers are using some of the great principles of retail to ensure success:
  1. Creating hype and interest by utilizing a limited time only strategy (3 days)
  2. Tap into the excitement around Pop-up retail — shoppers already know what it means and what to do
  3. Cultivate exclusivity by having a pay-to-attend preview sale on opening night
  4. Great value, discounted, one-of-a-kind merchandise
  5. Great packaging. The invitation is cool and likely the space will be too. It looks like something you want to attend.

This event sounds FUN, and it gives back. It’s an experience that you’d like to have with some friends, make an evening out of and feel good about. Everyone — from the donator/shopper, the cause and designers — all come away winners. Retail as a charitable vehicle is not a new idea; but with the pop-up store, cool designers and the sense of urgency, this is retail truly reimagined.

Well done.


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