Rocking the Vote from 30,000 feet

We’ve reached cruising altitude. So it’s time to turn your mobile device back on. Maybe you’ll play someAngry Birds, listen to music, or catch up on that book you’ve been dying to read. But what if you could do something more productive, something more civic?

If you’re on select Virgin America flights this fall, you can actually register to vote. From 30,000 feet. Just grab your smartphone, connect it to the in-flight Wi-Fi, and scan a QR code from your back-of-seat entertainment system. You’ll be taken to a mobile registration site, provided by Rock the Vote.

For over 20 years, Rock the Vote has helped register young(er) voters at places they frequent, like concerts. And this partnership with Virgin is a natural extension of “disruptive democracy” – getting people involved where they least expect it. In 2008, they registered over 2 million new voters, and they’re hoping to beat that this time around.

Think about it: You’re stuck on a plane with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Why not take a few minutes and use your smartphone to become an active participant in our democracy?

From a marketer’s standpoint, this promotion fits right in with Virgin’s hip and forward-thinking brand. They’re not taking sides but showing concern for our future by providing a public service to their customers, using cool technology. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Now, if I could only vote from the window seat, we’d really be in business. 

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