Geared Up Goods

As retail locations are being bested by online shopping, building awareness, driving education and capturing an audience is more difficult than ever. There’s one industry that has consumers waiting in line for more. Enter reimagined mobile food trucks.

Today, food trucks have become almost as much a part of the urban landscape as Starbucks. The hesitation to approach has long been overshadowed by a consumer’s willingness to try something new with the promise of surprise and delight.

Retailers and manufacturers alike are embracing the power of the food truck model — their mobility, creativity and on-demand communication — to appeal to a higher purchasing power than just alleviating hunger. They are reimagining retail. Just by aligning the trifecta of food, fun and free stuff, on-the-street consumers are clamoring to be a part of this mobile trend in exchange for learning and helping grow brands.

A few examples of geared up food trucks are Gap 1969 Denim collection doling out California-style tacos to convey the light and carefree nature of the brand; P&G and Walmart offering QR codes for deals and gaining awareness for in-store savings; and Macy’s Culinary Council promoting their star-studded cookbook with free recipe samples.

As marketers, we strive to meet consumers where they live and seek to meet their needs wherever they go. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of thinking on our feet or, in this case, on our wheels. #Reimagine

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