Reimagining Retail with Mobile Payment Technology

You know how easy your SpeedPass or TollTag makes driving? Well, that technology is coming to your cell phone soon, which will make retail purchases just as fast and convenient. 
Called NFC (Near Field Communication,) this tech turns our smartphones into mobile wallets, allowing users to simply tap or wave their card at the POS system for payment. The question is, what can retailers do to entice Americans, who are perfectly content swiping their credit or debit cards, to adopt the new behavior —
coming soon — of waving their phones instead? 
“Reimagine paying the bill!” Get creative with Near Field. Make it more than a “frictionless way to pay.” Ease shoppers into this new technology to gain their trust and confidence with it beyond just the payment functionality. In the near future, NFC can empower a richer retail experience. For instance, just by tapping a piece of Point of Sale in-store, your NFC-enabled device could play video of the featured product. No URL’s or QR codes required! You could see trailers to movies or even be entered to win a trip to the premier. 
Likewise, products on the shelf can tell a much deeper story with a simple gesture of from a shopper’s phone. The retail functionality is as boundless as our creativity and while TPN is already working with several of our clients on how NFC can help strengthen shopper engagement, it is important to note that this technology (itself and its adoption) is still a year + down the road.
The future looks bright for retailers and shoppers with NFC. What is your brand doing to take advantage of the possibilities?