Retail love. This is something I understand and clearly something Zara does, too.

How does Zara show New York Its love? Let me count the ways:

  1. Leases-up a big store on NYC’s Fifth Ave
  2. Creates a chic in-store experience that lets the shopper feel the love simply by walking around (black & white interior, catwalks, etc…)
  3. Is GREEN (motion-controlled lighting in restrooms, biodegradable plastic bags, uses 30% less energy than a conventional shop, and 70% less water)
  4. Delivers new, on-trend merchandise twice-a-week
  5. Pays personal tribute to NYC with an original content movie on it’s website entitled “Dear New York,” that uses all kinds of objects to build and rebuild the city’s skyline.
New Yorkers and visitors to NYC will also love the international flair of Zara, a bit of Spain right here in The Big Apple, the same way they enjoy a bit of Japan at Uniqlo, or Sweden at H&M or the UK at Topshop. It really is a small (retail) world.

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