Gap and Goodwill

Smart retailers know the necessity of seeking more local market connectivity. (Our client Bank of America is a leader in encouraging local associates to help in their hometown communities.)
So congratulations to Gap for their current promotional effort with Goodwill Industries ~ bring your old clothes into your local Goodwill location and get a coupon good for 30% off Gap purchases.
Interesting to note: Google “Gap Goodwill,” and the Gap homepage doesn’t show up. Instead, you find a list bloggers and news from around the country. Search Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll see lots of local posts, as well.
Key learnings:
  • Social media’s power is getting other people to talk about your retail program.
  • Give them something to talk about, and they’ll spread the word and drive traffic for you.
  • Providing your customers a chance to simultaneously help their local communities AND save on purchases of your brand is a powerful behavior driver for retail.